Ultra Slings

The trusted choice of generations for its longevity, superior craftsmanship and carrying ease. 
Ultra Slings Feature: 

  • Offered in popular camo patterns and black.
  • Stitched, quilted shoulder pad lies flat. Non-slip backing keeps it in place.
  • Heavy-duty buckles and keepers.
  • Length: 48" (black model available in 48" and 72").

Ultra Slings with Sewn in Swivels Feature: 

  • Sewn in swivels.
  • Lengh 48".
M.S.R.P From £20.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionColourModelLength
BUTL-26764 Nylon Sling w/Sewn QD Swivels Blk 1" x 48" BlackSewn in QD Swivels 48"x1"
BUTL-26894 B/Creek NylnSlng W/Sewn QD Swv RT 48"x1" Realtree APSewn in QD Swivels 48"x1"
BUTL-26724 B/Creek NylnSlng W/Sewn QD Swv MO 48"x1" Mossy Oak Break-up Sewn in QD Swivels 48"x1"
BUTL-26884 B/Creek NylnSlng W/Sewn QD Swv RH 48"x1" Realtree Hardwoods CamoSewn in QD Swivels 48"x1"
BUTL-26762 Nylon Sling U/Pad Blk 1" x 48" BlackUltra Padded48"x1"
BUTL-26722 Nylon Sling U/Pad MOBU 48" x 1" Mossy Oak Break-upUltra Padded48"x1"
BUTL-26892 B/Creek Nylon Sling U/Pad RTreeAP 48"x1" Realtree APUltra Padded 48"x1"
BUTL-26742 Nylon Sling U/Pad Blk 1" x 72" BlackUltra Padded 72"x1"