Akkar® 820 Standard Walnut

Constructed from Turkish Walnut, the Akkar® 820 Standard Walnut Action Ejector boasts an oiled finish – for increased resilience when compared to traditional lacquered finishes. The 820 Standard Walnut Action Ejector radiates an effortless elegance, with some serious handling characteristics.

All parts are designed, produced, and fitted in-house by Akkar – allowing for complete control over quality, and resulting in a beautifully crafted shotgun, both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Product Details:

  • 820 Standard Walnut
  • 20ga, 3" 
  • Standard walnut oil finish stock
  • Steel, surface hardened receiver
  • Matte blued barrels
  • Single selective trigger
  • Auto ejectors
  • Automatic Safety
  • 5 mobile chokes
  • 7 mm vent rib, fibre optic sight