I find that the stock on the Escort Semi-auto is a little short, is there a thicker recoil pad available?

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Yes, Pachmayr offer a selection of slip on recoil pads, the Large or Medium of which would suffice for this. You can order one through your local stockist.

Product Code Colour Size Length Width
PACH-02306 Brown Small 4.85" 1.50"
PACH-20223 Brown Medium 5.05" 1.58"
PACH-02302 Brown Large 5.30" 1.72"
PACH-04455 Black Small 4.85" 1.50"
PACH-04433 Black Medium 5.05" 1.58"
PACH-04482 Black Large 5.30" 1.72"


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