BR Pivot® Premium Shooting Bench

One of the finest shooting benches available, the BR Pivot® combines the best materials, unparalleled design, and years of field use, to create a complete package - ready for a lifetime of service.

There is nothing newfangled about the BR Pivot - it's bombproof, foolproof, and ready for users who are serious about accuracy.

The bolts at the base can be adjusted to align the bench stem and tabletop, so that the to is parallel with the horizon. The seat and bench then pivot on centre whilst maintaining a constant tabletop attitude.

The padded seat can be adjusted for any height between 16" and 27", with the option to lock the pivoting function in a single position if desired.

The top is made from edge-glued American hardwood with a durable finish; the top measures 45" x 26". Attractive and functional, the BR Pivot® is particularly good for those who prefer to use rests with spiked feet.

The unit can be quickly and easily broken down for travel/storage, and can be installed to suit both right-handed and left-handed shooters alike.