CZ P-07 Kadet

The rimfire CZ P-07 is overall proving to be extremely reliable. As part of the development and the subsequent extensive testing prior to its launch onto the market, it has had great results not only with the most popular .22 LR cartridges, but it can also handle many of the less standard variants. And it does not matter one bit if an already assembled gun is tested or if it is a kit mounted on the originally larger calibre weapon. However, to be sure that everything works as it should, it is better to stick to conventional cartridge loads.



  • .22lr Adapter And Pistol For Cz P-07
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Comes With A 10 Round Magazine
  • The trigger mechanism allows users to change hammer de-cocking and manual safety:
  • On the gun may be a manual safety or de-cocking.
  • The package may include, according to design, one or two drivers.
M.S.R.P From £638.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibre
CZUB-P099P P-09 9mm Luger Blk Polymer (SECV) 9mm Luger
CZUB-P07LR CZ P-07 Kadet .22 LR (10) (SECV) .22 LR
CZUB-P07UGLR CZ P-07 Kadet Urban Grey .22 LR (10) (SECV)
CZUB-1010-1303M CZ P-07 Kadet Adapter .22 LR (SECV) .22 LR
CZUB-P07GLR P-07 Kadet .22 LR Pistol Green .22 LR
CZUB-1010-1308M CZ P-07 Kadet .22 LR, Black (SECV) .22 LR