CZ P-07

Brilliantly compact, the CZ P-07 is an easily concealed polymer pistol - designed primarily as a service weapon. Based on the iconic CZ 75 P-07 DUTY, the CZ P-07 delivers classic dependable performance, with a range of new innovative features and materials. 

Markedly increasing the weapon’s resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage, the new finish applied to the slide, barrel, and other key components extends the working life of the CZ P-07. Additionally, the glassfibre-reinforced polymer frame ensures dimensional stability, as well as increasing the weapon’s resistance to rough handling.

Exchangeable backstraps allow the CZ P-07 to be easily adapted to the ergonomic needs of the user - available in S, M & L. 

The magazine capacity stands at 15 rounds in the 9x19 calibre, and 12 rounds in the .40 S&W calibre. This capacity could be further increased to 17 (9x19) and 15 (.40 S&W) rounds, respectively, by using magazine extensions.

Unchanged, is the Omega Trigger Mechanism, allowing the user to easily choose between manual safety or decocking. Safety levers are ambidextrous, and every single weapon is factory-zeroed to 15 metres. 


Calibre: 9mm Luger, .40 S&W
Standard Mag. Capacity: 15, 12
Trigger Mechanism Operation: SA/DA
Frame: Polymer
Sights: Fixed
Overall Length: 185mm
Barrel Length: 95mm
Height: 137mm
Width: 38mm
Weight: 780g
Barrel: Hammer Forged
Safety Features: Hammer Decocking, Manual Safety, Hammer Safety Notch, & Firing Pin Block.

M.S.R.P From £625.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct Description
CZUB-CZ75P079P CZ P-07 9mm Luger (15) (SECV)
CZUB-0714-0707-TTRBDHX CZ P-07 T (Tritium) 9mm Luger FDE w/Decock & Manual Safety (SECV)
CZUB-0714-0707-TXRBEHX CZ P-07 9mm Luger (15) w/Decock & Manual Safety (SECV)
CZUB-0714-1605-TXREEHX CZ P-07 .40 S&W (12) (SECV)