Edgar Brothers Sponsored Shooters

Ben Llewellin

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Based in Pembrokeshire, Ben uses his Z-Sport Custom (12ga 28" barrels) to shoot Olympic Skeet with NSI Quattro Premium (24gm 7.25). Since 2010, Ben has claimed some impressive titles, including a place on the British Shooting Team. Ben is currently ranked at No.1 in the UK for Olympic Skeet, and was awarded the prestigious Olympic Shooter of the Year award from British Shooting in December 2017 as well as securing a silver medal for Wales in the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Neil Gaff

Winner of Talent Pool™ 2017

Wiltshire-based soldier, Neil Gaff, beat 11 other finalists to be crowned winner of Talent Pool™ 2017. Relatively new to the sport, 34-year old Neil, a CPSA C-class shooter, couldn’t believe his luck to have won.
“In my younger days I shot a little bit of game with my dad, but after I joined the military and moved down south this stopped. I took up clay pigeon shooting 11 months ago. When I first started shooting I saw the footage of last year’s event on YouTube and set this as my end of year goal."

Click here to find out about Talent Pool™ 2018

Peter Wilson MBE

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia

Edgar Brothers are proud to sponsor Peter Wilson MBE with Nobel Sport Italia Quattro Premium (24gm 7.25).

Part of the British Shooting Team, Peter became European Junior Champion in 2006 before attending the 2008 Summer Olympics as part of Great Britain's Olympic Ambition Programme. He went on to shoot 188/200 to secure a Gold Medal in Double Trap at the 2012 London Olympics. 
At a World Cup event held in Tuscon, Arizona in 2012, Wilson set a new world record for the double trap, shooting 198/200. 

Matt French

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Part of the British Shooting Team, Matt French uses his 12ga Z-Sport Custom to shoot Olympic Trap and Double Trap with Nobel Sport Italia Quattro Premium (24gm 7.25). Matt came away from the 2014 Commonwealth Games with a Silver Medal, won Double Trap World Team Gold in 2015 and set a new British record at the 2016 British Open Double Trap Championships.


Will Ashby

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Based in East-Sussex, Will shoots a custom pair of Zoli Z-Extras in 12ga. Shooting since 1992 and a noted game shot, Will's cartridge of choice is Nobel Sport Italia's Nobel Speed 34g 5-shot. Named alongside The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry as one of The Field's Top Shots, Will attributes everything he knows about shooting to his father.

Stuart Clarke

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Essex-based Stuart uses his 12ga Zoli Z-Sport Custom to compete in both Sporting Clay and Game Shoots. Stuart chooses to shoot Nobel Sport Italia's Quattro in 28g 7.5 for clays, and Nobel Sport Italia's Sipe in 32g 4 and 5 for game. Shooting competitively since 1984, Stuart holds a variety of impressive titles, including World Sporting Champion, World 5 Stand, British FITASC GP, English FITASC GP, UK FITASC and British All Round. Stuart has also competed with the Great Britain FITASC team 17 times, and the England Sporting team 25 times. This season Stuart has also won two team gold medals at the Fitasc GB Team European Championship and  England Sporting team World Championship Uk (Churchill’s). Stuart has also qualified for the Fitasc GB team World Championship France, Fitasc Compact GB team World Championship Italy and England Sporting team Home International (Wales).

Ross Straker

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Kent-based Ross has been loyal to the Zoli brand for over 11 years. He has extensive experience shooting over a range of disciplines, with a speciality in sporting, and is a CPSA registered coach. Edgar Brothers are proud to sponsor Ross with a 12ga Z-Sport Custom and NSI Quattro Fluo (24gm 7.5). 

Mike Roberts

Sponsored by Barrett and Hornady

Staffordshire-based Mike shoots his Barrett M99 in Extreme Long Range competitions all over the world. Mike is passionate about reloading and creates his own custom .50 cal ammunition using Hornady Projectiles and Hodgdon Powders. Competing since 1993, Mike holds a number of impressive titles, including British .50 cal Champion, British .50 cal Record Holder and most recently, World Champion in Practical / Semi-auto 2-gun.

Phil Bailey

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia and Zoli Shotguns

Hailing from Staffordshire, Phil shoots a Zoli Z-Extra (in 12 gauge with 32" barrels) to compete in English Sporting. Phil's cartridge of choice is NSI's Quattro. Phil began shooting at his local club in 2002, and has shot twice with the England Junior Teamshooting in Texas 2012, and in Canada 2013where he won the 5 Stand Main Event, and 5 Stand Junior Event, alongside the Main Event in AA Class. 

Jonny Cormie

Sponsored by GSG

Hailing from Dundee, Jonny is one of the country’s best .22 pistol and rifle shooters. Competing since 2003, Jonny uses his GSG 1922 LBP in .22 LR to shoot Gallery Rifle and Pistol. Amongst other achievements, Jonny captained the Scottish Gallery Rifle Squad from 2015 - 2017. 

Nathan Hales

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia

Kent-based Nathan has recently been selected as part of the GB Academy Programme as an Olympic Trap shooter. Nathan was Clay Shooting Magazine’s Junior Clay Shooter of the Year in 2012 and also won an overall silver medal and a Junior gold at the World Cup in June 2012. Nathan also recorded his first 100-straight at Skeet in 2012, and was then chosen to represent Great Britain at the World FITASC in Chicago.
Edgar Brothers are proud to sponsor Nathan with Nobel Sport Italia Quattro Premium (24gm 7.25).

Georgina Roberts

Sponsored by Nobel Sport Italia

Georgina currently shoots for Great Britain and Wales using Nobel Sport Italia Quattro Fluo (24gm 7.5). Georgina has shot Olympic Trap for the last two years and is now looking to transition to the senior team. She is part of GB and Wales training programmes and is highly motivated in working towards her dream of going to the Olympic Games. 

Fiona Thompson

Sponsored by Zoli Shotguns

Fiona is currently a shooting instructor at Southdown Gun Club, as well as serving in the Royal Navy. Fiona spent a long time searching for the perfect gun for her frame, and now shoots the Zoli Z-Bella.