Lockdown™ Hanging Organiser

Vault space is always at a premium, so increase your capacity with the Hanging Organiser. Easily installed in your vault, the Hanging Organiser is the ideal storage solution for loose items, paperwork and tools.

Hanging Organiser (small)

A single mesh pocket to mount on a carpeted or metal backdrop. The handy mesh front allows objects to be easily stored and located.

Hanging Organiser (large)

Six mesh pockets of various sizes and configurations allow for ample storage space – hold handguns, jewellery, knives, etc. The three larger pockets feature zippers that can be opened to allow a handgun barrel to protrude through, or closed to contain smaller items. A rigid back panel adds support to the organizer. Mesh pockets make it easy to see contents.

Both sizes include a universal attachment system, with hooks for carpeted interiors and magnets for metal interiors.

M.S.R.P From £25.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionModel
LOCK-222170 Hanging Organizer Sml Small
LOCK-222168 Hanging Organizer Lrg Large