Lockdown™ Universal Handgun Holder

The Universal Handgun Hanger is capable of holding a variety of pistols or revolvers. Carefully designed to allow the barrels to protrude, with elasticated bands and mesh front and a rigid back panel to provide the structure to hold guns securely in place.

Easily mount your Universal Handgun Hanger using the included Universal Attachment System – allowing you to mount the unit to either carpeted or metal surfaces. The interchangeable inserts can be quickly removed and reinstalled for any particular application. The Vampire Clips (for carpeted interiors) incorporate a strong steel wire with two sharp points designed to penetrate fabric or carpeted liners and lock into place. The Magnet inserts (for metal surfaces) utilize very powerful rare-earth magnetic disks which are rubber coated to protect painted surfaces and prevent slipping.  

M.S.R.P From £17.99

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LOCK-222172 Handgun Hanger