Miles Gilbert™ Headband Magnifier

Perfect for checkering, inletting, action work, intricate assembly, or any projects requiring close observation. The Miles Gilbert™ Headband Magnifier has two levels of magnification; 1.8x and 2.3x. The headband is equipped with an adjustable padded strap, for a secure and comfortable fit.

An accessory loupe for close inspection comes as standard, and the kit is suitable for use with or without prescription glasses.


Product Details:

  • Two magnification levels, 1.8x or 2.3x
  • Accessory loupe for 2.3x is included
  • Adjustable, padded head strap
  • May be used with prescription glasses
  • Plastic lenses
M.S.R.P From £27.99

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MILE-639552 Magnifier