Model 10 Predator Hunter Max-1


The long Range Hunter is the ultimate for hunting wide open spaces where tough shots are commonplace. It features a 26” fluted barrel, matte finish, AccuStock, adjustable muzzlebrake, Karsten adjustable comb, hinged floorplate. The new lightweight Hunter is the ideal tool for the backcountry hunter who’s not afraid to do a little hiking to get to the big one. 

The short action weighs in at 5.5 lbs. and the long action is 6 lbs. It features a 20” light-profile barrel, heavily-machined steel action and spiral fluted bolt. The Model 10 Predator Hunter Brush is available in 204 RUGER, 22-250 REM, 223 REM, 22-250 REM, 260 REM, 6.5 CREEDMOORE and 6.5 X 284 NORMA.