05 June 2018

Shooting coach Fiona Thompson becomes Zoli and NSI ambassador

Respected CPSA team coach Fiona Thompson, who works alongside the British Shooting team, has become an ambassador for Italian brands Zoli shotguns and Nobel Sport Italia (NSI) cartridges, recognising her particular involvement in encouraging women and juniors into the sport.

The agreement is especially timely for Southdown Gun Club instructor Fiona, as she has just started getting back into shooting after treatment for breast cancer and finds her Zoli Z-Bella shotgun is a real help.

Fiona, 52, explained: “I was diagnosed just a couple of weeks after being presented with my new Z-Bella by Paolo Zoli himself and, having just completed my radiotherapy, I am starting to pick up the gun again.

“What I especially love about the Z-Bella is that it has been designed specifically for women and its extremely low recoil, easily adjustable comb and customisable balance makes it perfect for me. It’s also great to use as a coach – this gun is easy to adjust so I can set it up for any client immediately. Due to Zoli’s low recoil, it’s possible to shoot 12 gauge instead of 20 gauge which means it’s cheaper to run and allows lady shooters to compete on equal terms”.

Fiona, a qualified CPSA Level 1 and ISSF D coach, is shooting a 12 gauge Z-Bella with 29.5in barrels and a silver action.

In addition, Fiona is being backed by NSI which supplies her with Quattro Fluo 24g cartridges, which also boast a low recoil and are a favourite of numerous world-class shots.

Derek Edgar, managing director of Edgar Brothers, which distributes both brands in the UK, added: “We are extremely pleased to sponsor Fiona with the Zoli Z-Bella and NSI Quattro Fluo; a great combination for low managed recoil. It’s really fantastic to see suppliers, like Zoli, acknowledging the needs of female shooters. We wish Fiona all the best with her shooting and we hope that this combination continues to help her achieve the best shooting possible.”