Tipton® Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

Hold the power to clean multiple handgun calibres in the palm of your hand with the Tipton Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit. This kit comes in a semi-rigid, zipped carry case and can be used on handgun calibres ranging from .22-.45. 

Whether you travel a lot, clean at the range, or like to be organised at home, this kit is the perfect size for storing in small spaces and durable enough to take anywhere.


Key features:

  • For use on pistol calibres ranging from .22-.45
  • Semi-rigid carry case
  • Collapsible cleaning rod with rotating T-handle
  • Stainless steel cleaning rod


Kit Includes: 

  1. Cleaning pick
  2. (10) Cotton cleaning patches
  3. Nylon cleaning brush
  4. Bronze bore brushes and nylon jags (.22 cal, 9mm/.357/.38 cal, .40/10mm cal, .45cal), (2) nylon slotted tips

SKU: TIPT-1082252