Tipton® Solid Brass Slotted Tips

Tipton® Solid Brass Slotted Tips are the perfect tool for flooding the barrel with solvent, or wiping the bore with oil or preservatives.

Tipton® offer an assortment of four calibre range-specific rifle/pistol tips for your convenience, or they can be purchased separately. Solid brass is softer than barrel steel so there is no worry of damaging your bore, plus they will last much longer than the typical synthetic plastic tips.

Rifle/pistol tips are threaded 8-32 and the Shotgun Tip 5/16"-27.

M.S.R.P From £5.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibre
TIPT-428953 Solid Brass Slotted Tip 22-29 Cal .22-.29 CAL
TIPT-211422 Solid Brass Slotted Tip 30-35 Cal .30-.35 CAL
TIPT-339005 Solid Brass Slotted Tip Univ Shotgun
TIPT-554428 Solid Brass Slotted Tip Rfl/Pstl Set
TIPT-400385 Solid Brass Slotted Tip 45+ Cal .45 +
TIPT-777753 Solid Brass Slotted Tip 35-44 Cal .35-44 Cal