Tipton® Ultra Jags™

The Tipton® Ultra Jags™ feature a patent-pending technology that covers the surface of a traditional push-type jag with solvent-proof material, keeping aggressive modern bore solvents from creating false blue stains that normally indicate copper fouling. Before Tipton® Ultra Jags™, these false blue stains caused users to over-clean their barrels - destroying accuracy over time.

Tipton® Ultra Jags™ yield better, faster, cleaning results.

M.S.R.P From £5.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibre
TIPT-303033 Ultra Jag 30/32 Cal .30/.32 CAL
TIPT-175543 Ultra Jag 17 Cal .17 CAL
TIPT-225659 Ultra Jag 22 Cal .22 CAL
TIPT-243865 Ultra Jag 243/6mm Cal .243 CAL 6mm
TIPT-255684 Ultra Jag 25/6.5mm Cal .25 CAL
TIPT-277555 Ultra Jag 270/7mm Cal .270 CAL 7mm
TIPT-338338 Ultra Jag 338/8mm Cal
TIPT-375375 Ultra Jag 375 Cal
TIPT-404169 Ultra Jag 40/416 Cal