Uno Prima Light Fibre

Recommended for beginners and those of a smaller stature, due to its extremely low recoil. Uno Prima Light Fibre is the ideal cartridge choice for corporate shooting events and shooting schools. 

A T2 cartridge loaded with Nobel Sport Italia’s Vectan A powder and fibre wad. This cartridge is particularly low recoil due to its light load of 21g (3/4 oz) shot. 


M.S.R.P From £296.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionGaugeWeightShot Size
NSI-9460847 Uno Prima Light Fibre 12ga 21gm 65/8 7.5 12ga21gm7.5
NSI-9460848 Uno Prima Light Fibre 12ga 21gm 65/8 8 12ga21gm8