Zoli Game Standard

Whether you’re shooting clays or game, the Zoli Game Standard is a fantastic all-rounder, ensuring that you are ready for whatever discipline you face. The Game Standard features a ‘hybrid’ design, meaning that it is equipped to excel, both as a Technical Sporter and as a Classic Game Gun.

Do not be fooled by this model’s elegant aesthetic. The Game Standard is a serious product, designed with optimum functionality and performance in mind. It is the only shotgun in its class to feature a detachable trigger unit and silver soldered barrels. Perfectly balanced, with a well-placed grip, this model’s energy efficiency ensures noticeably low recoil - enabling shooters to focus their attention on what matters. 

The Game Standard is supplied with a Turkish Walnut stock and features detailed engraving to the action.


***All Zoli Firearms are sold with a 5 year Edgar Brothers warranty, as standard***