14 November 2018

Just like the old days! Relive the fun of the fair with Diana’s new Oktoberfest rifle

Renowned German airgun brand Diana has launched a fun new air rifle - Oktoberfest Gewehr – a recreation of a classic old Mod .30 design that was used for shooting games at fun fairs, holidays and exhibitions.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Edgar Brothers, the Oktoberfest Gewehr uses unusual 4.4 mm round balls instead of the standard 4.5 mm (.177 calibre). This was so that unscrupulous competitors could not bring their own BBs from home, thus gaining an unfair advantage!

New from Diana, the Oktoberfest is ideal for plinking in the garage or in the back garden. It is a 100 shot repeater with a bolt action on top of the action so no need to cock the barrel.

Mike Roberts, Sales Desk Manager at Edgar Brothers, commented: “This air rifle will provide hours of fun for all the family and prove a safe introduction to shooting sports. Enjoy some competitive shooting at home with this novel rifle this Christmas!”