M-Pro 7 Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant

Originally designed for use by the Armed Forces, and other Law Enforcement bodies, Hoppe’s® M-Pro 7 Range provides serious cleaning for serious shooters.

This ultra-effective cleaner, lubricant, and protectant penetrates deeply to remove fouling, and has lasting lubrication long after the initial application.

Hoppe's® M-Pro 7 Cleaner Lubricant Protectant provides extreme protection, will not 'gum up' in low temperatures, and does not attract grit - keeping your firearm in the very best condition.

*** Available in 2 oz. / 4 oz. ***


Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionModelCapacity
HOPP-070-1452 M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil 2oz Btl (NRCH) Bottle2oz
HOPP-070-1453 M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil 4oz Btl (NRCH) Bottle4oz
HOPP-070-1454 M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil 1 Gallon Btl (NRCH) Bottle1 Gallon