BHB Between the Hands Balance Adjustment System

What is balance without control?

Experienced competition and game shooters know that the secret to an accurate shot is a well balanced gun, which keeps the weight not in the barrel muzzle or in the stock butt, but between the hands. The patented, Zoli BHB™ Dynamic Adjustment System is the only product which allows any shooter to customise the necessary control, balance and swing dynamic that is paramount in a well-fitted shotgun.
Different dynamics affect the shooter's performance differently. The same balance point on the shotgun can have different dynamics, these variables are called angular velocity or angular momentum. Many combinations of weight distribution points can create the same balance point but only one or a few offer maximum dynamic control. Zoli believes the most important factor for maximising shotgun control and performance is the location and distribution of weight, and the amount of weight that creates the balance point, which actually places the dynamic control of a shotgun between the shooters hands.

Comprising of two multi-weight component sets designed to work together, one for under the forend and one for inside the stock grip. The quick detachable, stock grip cap mechanism fits into the buttstock grip accommodating six threaded steel disk weights adding up to three ounces. It can be instantly removed and the weight adjusted.
The forend weight system has the capacity to add up to twenty individual four-gram heavy magnet weights, these are easily installed onto the side ribs underneath the forend. Therefore, all adjustment weights are “between the hands” providing instant precision and micro-adjustment of gun swing dynamics.
Paolo Zoli explains "A well-balanced gun from the hinge pins is neutral but in many cases it may not compliment you're shooting style. While a new gun might look and feel balanced, it may not grant you full control in a dynamic situation. Your style, posture, angle, arm and hand position, speed, time or reaction are all part of the dynamic - even bad habits or injuries can impact balance. This simple adjustment enables you to fine tune the weight that creates the balance point in order to compliment your individual technique, only when this is achieved do you have true control."

Zoli retails have demonstrations guns which will enable you to try the products in a dynamic situation. To arrange a demonstration, please contact your nearest Zoli retailer email