Hoppe's Nylon Brushes

For the ins and outs of bore-cleaning perfection, Hoppe’s Nylon Brushes mean business!

  • Ideal for most cleaning jobs
  • Thorough multi-directional scrubbing action
  • Bristles return to their original shape
  • Excellent durability
  • Black Powder Brushes available


M.S.R.P From £4.00

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreGauge
HOPP-1304 Nylon Brush 270/7mm Cal .270
HOPP-1306 Nylon Brush Pistol 22 Cal
HOPP-1307 Nylon Brush Pistol 38 Cal .38
HOPP-1301P Phosphor Bronze Brush 6mm 6mm
HOPP-1314 Nylon Brush 12 Ga 12 Gauge
HOPP-1309 Nylon Brush 35/9mm Cal .35
HOPP-1310 Nylon Brush 243/25 Cal .243/.25
HOPP-1315 Nylon Brush 44/45 Cal .44/.45
HOPP-1312 Nylon Brush 20 Ga 20 Gauge
HOPP-1305 Nylon Brush 30 Cal .30
HOPP-1308 Nylon Brush Pistol 44/45 Cal .44/.45
HOPP-1308A Nylon Brush Pistol 40/10mm Cal .40