The NEW standard by which all ammunition will be judged.
Fast Superformance ammunition is 100 to 200 fps FASTER than any conventional ammunition on the market today, and achieves this performance in EVERY gun, WITHOUT increases in felt recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling or loss of accuracy. Superformance is a cutting edge technological advancement in ammunition design that transcends convention and achieves the highest performance of any ammunition on the market today. Specialised
Superformance uses ultra progressive propellants that take your favourite SST or GMX bullets to levels of performance that are simply unattainable with conventional propellants. In order to get more velocity in the past – shooters have used a brute force approach – large charge weights of a slow burning powder in a larger cartridge case. Ultimately this leads to more recoil and muzzle blast. The Superformance solution is an elegant approach that utilizes specialised powders…at NORMAL charge weights, that impart ALL useable energy to the bullet reducing the ROCKET NOZZLE EFFECT at the muzzle while still increasing velocity!

Superformance provides increased performance, and is safe to use in ALL firearms, including semi-autos, lever gun and pump actions. Increases in rifle performance, no increases in barrel wear and felt recoil, along with superior temperature stability are all realized with Superformance ammunition.

M.S.R.P From £2073.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreBullet WeightBullet Style
HORN-82193 SPF .300 Win Mag 180gr SST .300 Win Mag 180gr SST
HORN-8094 SPF .308 Win 150gr GMX .308 Win150gr GMX
HORN-81496 SPF 6.5 Creedmoor 129gr SST 6.5 Creedmoor129grSST
HORN-81490 SPF 6.5 Creedmoor 120gr GMX 6.5 Creedmoor120grGMX
HORN-83274 SPF .223 Rem 55gr GMX .223 Rem55grGMX
HORN-80456 SPF .243 Win 80gr GMX .243 Win80grGMX
HORN-80463 SPF .243 Win 95gr SST .243 Win95grSST
HORN-81446 SPF .25-06 Rem 90gr GMX .25-06 Rem110grGMX
HORN-81453 SPF .25-06 Rem 117gr SST .25-06 Rem117grSST
HORN-81353 SPF .257 Roberts +P 117gr SST .257 Roberts117grSST
HORN-8552 SPF .260 Rem 129gr SST CIP .260 Rem129grSST
HORN-80563 SPF .270 Win 140gr SST .270 Win140grSST
HORN-80543 SPF .270 Win 130gr SST .270 Win130grSST
HORN-8052 SPF .270 Win 130gr GMX .270 Win130grGMX
HORN-80548 SPF .270 Win 130gr InterBond .270 Win130grInterBond
HORN-81586 SPF .280 Rem 139gr GMX .280 Rem139grGMX
HORN-81583 SPF .280 Rem 139gr SST .280 Rem139grSST
HORN-81004 SPF .30 TC 150gr SST .30 TC150grSST
HORN-81014 SPF .30 TC 165gr SST .30 TC165grSST
HORN-81006 SPF .30 TC 150gr GMX .30 TC150grGMX
HORN-8112 SPF .30-06 Sprg 150gr GMX .30-06 Sprg 150gr GMX
HORN-81183 SPF .30-06 Sprg 180gr SST .30-06 Sprg 180grSST
HORN-8116 SPF .30-06 Sprg 165gr GMX .30-06 Sprg 165grGMX
HORN-81093 SPF .30-06 Sprg 150gr SST .30-06 Sprg 150grSST
HORN-81153 SPF .30-06 Sprg 165gr SST .30-06 Sprg 165grSST
HORN-81187 SPF .30-06 Sprg 180gr GMX .30-06 Springfield180grGMX
HORN-82232 SPF .300 RCM 165gr SST .300 RCM165grSST
HORN-82231 SPF .300 RCM 150gr SST .300 RCM150grSST
HORN-82235 SPF .300 RCM 180gr SST .300 RCM180grSST
HORN-82230 SPF .300 RCM 150gr GMX .300 RCM150grGMX
HORN-82229 SPF .300 RCM 165gr GMX .300 RCM165grGMX
HORN-82227 SPF .300 RCM 165gr InterBond .300 RCM165grInterBond
HORN-82228 SPF .300 RCM 180gr InterBond .300 RCM180grInterBond
HORN-82221 SPF .300 Savage 150gr SST .300 Savage150grSST
HORN-82206 SPF .300 WSM 165gr GMX .300 WSM165grGMX
HORN-82196 SPF .300 Win Mag 180gr GMX .300 Win180grGMX
HORN-82012 SPF .300 Win Mag 150gr GMX .300 Win Mag150grGMX
HORN-82026 SPF .300 Win Mag 165gr GMX .300 Win Mag165gr GMX
HORN-82198 SPF .300 Win Mag 180gr InterBond .300 Win Mag180gr InterBond
HORN-80933 SPF .308 Win 150gr SST .308 Win150grSST
HORN-80983 SPF .308 Win 165gr SST .308 Win165grSST
HORN-8099 SPF .308 Win 165gr GMX .308 Win165grGMX
HORN-80938 SPF .308 Win 150gr InterBond .308 Win50grInterBond
HORN-80998 SPF .308 Win 165gr InterBond .308 Win165grInterBond
HORN-82237 SPF .338 RCM 200gr SST .338 RCM200grSST
HORN-82236 SPF .338 RCM 225gr SST .338 RCM225grSST
HORN-82238 SPF .338 RCM 185gr GMX .338 RCM185grGMX
HORN-82223 SPF .338 Win Mag 200gr SST .338 Win Mag200grSST
HORN-82233 SPF .338 Win Mag 225gr SST .338 Win Mag225grSST
HORN-82226 SPF .338 Win Mag 185gr GMX .338 Win Mag185grGMX
HORN-81193 SPF .35 Whelan 200gr InterLock SP .35 Whelan 200grSP
HORN-82311 SPF .375 H&H Mag 250gr GMX .375 H&H Mag250grGMX
HORN-82310 SPF .375 Ruger 250gr GMX .375 Ruger250grGMX
HORN-82453 SPF .444 Marlin 265gr FP .444 Marlin 265grFP
HORN-81158 SPF .30-06 Sprg 165gr InterBond 30-06 Sprg165grInterBond
HORN-81188 SPF .30-06 Sprg 180gr InterBond 30-06 Sprg180grInterBond
HORN-81098 SPF .30-06 Sprg 150gr InterBond 30-06 Sprg150grInterBond
HORN-81254 SPF 5.56 X 45 NATO 55gr GMX 5.56 NATO55grGMX
HORN-81497 SPF 6.5 Creedmoor 129gr InterBond 6.5 Creedmoor129grInterBond
HORN-85507 SPF 6.5 X 55 Swedish 140gr SST 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser140grSST
HORN-81663 SPF 6mm Rem 95gr SST 6mm Rem95grSST
HORN-80592 SPF 7mm Rem Mag 139gr GMX 7mm Rem Mag139grGMX
HORN-80633 SPF 7mm Rem Mag 162gr SST 7mm Rem Mag162grSST
HORN-8061 SPF 7mm Rem Mag 154gr SST 7mm Rem Mag154grSST
HORN-80593 SPF 7mm Rem Mag 139gr SST 7mm Rem Mag139grSST
HORN-80628 SPF 7mm Rem Mag 154gr InterBond 7mm Rem Mag154grInterBond
HORN-80576 SPF 7mm-08 Rem 139gr GMX 7mm-08 Rem139grGMX
HORN-80573 SPF 7mm-08 Rem 139gr SST 7mm-08 Rem139grSST
HORN-81553 SPF 7 X 57 139gr SST 7x57 Mauser139grSST
HORN-81556 SPF 7 X 57 139gr GMX 7x57 Mauser139grGMX