The PTS bullet was designed and manufactured by Hornady, the largest independent producer of high-quality hunting bullets in the world.

PTS bullets contain a premium polymer tip for rapid expansion and energy transfer. Its optimum shape enables the bullet to achieve higher speed and trajectory stability.

M.S.R.P From £1320.00

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreBullet Weight
S&B-170 .243 Win 95gr PTS (20/500) .243 Win95gr
S&B-171 .270 Win 150gr PTS (20/400) .270 Win150gr
S&B-172 7mm Mauser 162gr PTS (20/400) 7mm162gr
S&B-173 7 X 64 Brenneke 162gr PTS (20/400) 7 X 64162gr
S&B-174 7 X 65R Brenneke 162gr PTS (20/400) 7 X 65R 162gr
S&B-175 7mm Rem Mag 162gr PTS (20/400) 7mm Rem162gr
S&B-176 .308 Win 180gr PTS (20/500) .308 Win180gr
S&B-177 .30-06 Sprg 180gr PTS (20/400) .30-06 Sprg180gr
S&B-178 .300 Win Mag 180gr PTS (20/400) .300 Win180gr
S&B-221 6.8mm Rem SPC 110gr PTS (20/600) 6.8mm Rem110gr