AimCam PRO i2

The AimCam Pro2i is the world’s most advanced line of sight camera glasses designed by game shooters, sporting shooters and outdoor enthusiasts to capture video as you really see it.

The adjustable microcamera has a realistic human eye field of view and is built into a functional and robust pair of Z87+ shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses. The AimCam allows for specific calibration to any firearm type, stance and mounting style, it can even be set up for anyone that requires prescription lenses.

The easy one-touch control and functional design allow you to effortlessly film all your hunting, shooting and outdoor adventures hands-free.


WiFi Enabled

Live stream your AimCam's camera perspective directly to your mobile device.  Download, review and share all your hunting action straight the AimCam app.


Pro 2i Specifications

  • SONY 8MP Micro Camera 
  • 1080P Full HD 30FPS / 720P HD 60FPS 
  • 12MP Photo Controls
  • High-Quality Audio Recording 
  • Fully Adjustable Micro Camera 
  • IVAS- Intelligent Vibration Alert System
  • 62° Human Eye Realistic Field Of View Adjustable For Left or Right Eye Dominance Z87+/EN166F High Impact Resistant Lenses 100% UV Protection Lenses 
  • Micro SD Card Data Storage (16GB Included) Slow-Motion Video Playback Via APP 
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery 1-2 Hour Run Time Will Operate Via External Powerpack 
  • Full Range Of Additional Accessories Available


Product variations

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AIMCAM-PRO2I-BLK-M Camera Glasses AimCam Pro 2i Black