Escort Vermin

The Hatsan Vermin is the workhorse of the Hatsan semi-automatic family; tough, rugged and reliable. Backed up by an Edgar Brothers 3-year warranty, the Hatsan Vermin model is fantastic value for money, with its synthetic stock making it ideal for wet weather and rough shooting.

This extremely versatile model boasts a new oversized front handguard – designed to ensure the best grip, especially useful when shooting in gloves or in inclement weather.

Chambered in 3-inch magnum, this model is proofed for use with heavy shells and can be used with steel shot. Five extended chokes are also included as part of the standard package.

Key Features:

  • Fast Loading System & Smart Valve Piston
  • Front Picatinny rails 
  • 3-inch chamber
  • Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption
  • Black anodised alloy receiver