BT65 QE Synthetic

Part of the QuietEnergy Series, the Hatsan BT65 QE Synthetic PCP Air Rifle features a precision rifled choked and shrouded barrel for increased accuracy, with an integrated Picatinny rail beneath the fore arm, and a dovetail grooved receiver for 11mm and 22mm scope mounts.

An elevation adjustable comb allows for a more custom fit, while soft rubber inlays to the grip and forearm give a better handle, for increased control and comfort. The BT65 QE also features an ‘anti-double pellet feed’ mechanism to prevent blockages, and a patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage in the event of a fall or knock to the gun.

Additional features include an eye-catching gold-plated metal trigger, in addition to a manual safety, and a detachable aluminium air cylinder tube (255cc).

Available in both Side Bolt and Rear Bolt configurations.


Please Note: UK models are NOT fitted with sights 

M.S.R.P From £717.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreModelSection 1
EDGAR-BT65QERBS-177 BT65 QE Rear Bolt Syn .177 .177Rear Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QERBS-22 BT65 QE Rear Bolt Synthetic .22 .22Rear Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QERBS-25 BT65 QE Rear Bolt Syn .25 .25Rear Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QESBS-177 BT65 QE Side Bolt Syn .177 .177Side Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QESBS-22 BT65 QE Side Bolt Syn .22 .22Side Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QESBS-25 BT65 QE Side Bolt Syn .25 .25Side Bolt
EDGAR-BT65QESBS-25S1 BT65 QE Side Bolt Syn .25 S1 .25Side BoltYes