Famous No. 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s® Lubricating Oil; a slick development from the gun-care leader.

Ideal for use on firearms, fishing reels, and other precision mechanisms, this high-viscosity oil is refined to perfection.

Extra long lasting, Hoppe’s® Lubricating Oil does not harden or gum, and has no expiration date.

*** Available in 14.9 ml Precision Lubricator  / 2 1/4 oz Squeeze Bottle / 4 oz. Pump / 4 oz. Aerosol / Pint ***

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCapacity Model
HOPP-1003 No.9 Lubricating Oil 2.25oz (NRCH) 2.25oz
HOPP-1004 No.9 Lubricating Oil 4oz Pump (NRCH) 4ozPump
HOPP-1605 No.9 Lubricating Oil 4oz Aero (NRCH) 4ozAerosol