American Whitetail®

Loaded with Hornady® InterLock® bullets, American Whitetail™ ammunition is the result of a combination of generations of ballistic knowledge, and modern components - combined to provide the technology you need to make the shot of a lifetime. 


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Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionBullet WeightCalibre
HORN-8047 AW .243 Win 100gr BT SP InterLock (20/200) 100 gr..243 Win
HORN-8144 AW .25-06 Rem 117gr InterLock BT SP (20/200) 17 gr..25-06 Rem
HORN-8053 AW .270 Win 130gr InterLock (20/200) 130 gr..270 Win
HORN-8108 AW .30-06 Sprg 150gr BT SP InterLock (20/200) 150 gr..30-06 Sprg
HORN-82204 AW .300 WSM 165gr InterLock (20/200) 165gr.300 WSM
HORN-8204 AW .300 Win Mag 150gr BT SP InterLock (20/200) 150 gr..300 Win Mag
HORN-8090 AW .308 Win 150gr SP InterLock (20/200) 150 gr..308 Win
HORN-81084 AW .30-06 Sprg 180gr Interlock (20/200) 180 gr.30-06 Sprg
HORN-81489 AW 6.5 Creedmoor 129gr SP InterLock (20/200) 129 gr.6.5 Creedmoor
HORN-80591 AW 7mm Rem Mag 139gr SP Interlock (20/200) 139 gr.7mm Rem Mag
HORN-8057 AW 7mm-08 Rem 139gr Interlock (20/200) 139gr7mm-08 Rem