QWIC-3G Pull Through Cleaning Kit

The Breakthrough® Clean QWIC-3G (Quick Weapon Improved Cleaning Kit – 3 Gun) was designed for today’s dynamic firearms competitor. Carry the only cleaning system portable and versatile enough to keep up with all of your 3-Gun needs. Our compact QWIC-3G pull through cleaning kit includes our top-of-the-line gun cleaning tools, our Military-Grade Solvent, Battle Born Grease and our Battle Born High-Purity Oil, to give you all the gun cleaning products you need together in a convenient nylon pouch. 

This comprehensive firearm cleaning kit is designed to clean all .223 cal/5.56mm Rifles, .38 cal./9mm Pistols, and 12 Gauge Shotguns. The very best pistol cleaning kits are Breakthrough® Cleaning Kits so be sure to add the QWIC-3G to your cleaning arsenal today!

Kit Includes

  • (1) Lightweight Velcro front soft case with molle back
  • (1) 2oz. Bottle of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent
  • (1) 2oz. Bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil
  • (1) Packet of Battle Born Grease fortified with PTFE
  • 8.5″ and 34″ Length pull through cables
  • (1) Polymer T-handle
  • (1) Shotgun rod adapter
  • (3) Nylon bore brushes .223 cal./5.56mm, .38 cal./9mm, and 12 gauge
  • (3) Brass patch holders .22 cal., .30 cal. and 12 gauge
  • (20) Cleaning patches

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionColour
BCT-BT-QWIC-3G-BLK Pouch, Molle, Cable Pull Through Kit (.223/9mm/12 gauge) Black Black
BCT-BT-QWIC-3G-CAM Pouch, Molle, Cable Pull Through Cleaning Kit (.223/9mm/12 gauge) CAMO Camo
BCT-BT-QWIC-3G-DST Pouch, Molle, Cable Pull Through Kit (.223/9mm/12 gauge) DESERT Desert
BCT-BT-QWIC-3G-GRY Pouch, Molle, Cable Pull Through Cleaning Kit (.223/9mm/12 gauge) GRAY Grey