Miles Gilbert Bedrock Bedding Kit

The Miles Gilbert Bedrock Bedding Kit is the choice to unlock the accuracy potential of your rifle.

A rifle's accuracy is dependent on the fit of its barrelled action to its stock. Bedrock makes your rifle's stock and metal components fit together to eliminate shift and pressure points caused by recoil and changes in temperature and humidity. Removing the contact points of the stock where the barrelled action meets, and replacing them with Bedrock assures you of a perfect, stress-free fit. The stock and barrelled action become a single unit, not just two components fitting arbitrarily together. The Miles Gilbert Bedrock Bedding Kit can generate approx 1.5 cups volume of bedding material.

Ideal for wood, laminated, and synthetic stocks, the Miles Gilbert Bedrock Bedding Kit contains all the necessary components to achieve the perfect fit.



  • 2 oz. each of Resin and Hardener.
  • Release Agent with two applicators.
  • Measuring Spoons and Mixing Cups.
  • Brown and black dyes.
  • Micro-balloons for customizing the viscosity.
  • Modelling clay.
  • Surgical tubing.
  • Comprehensive instructions

With a 24-hour cure, you're only a day away from a perfect fit and a more accurate rifle.