Dangerous Game™

Hornady InterLock and FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets have reached legendary status among safari hunters, and we've raised the bar again with the introduction of the best large game bullets we've ever seen - the DGS (Dangerous Game Solid) and the DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding). Both bullets are made with a hard lead/antimony alloy cone, surrounded by a copper clad steel jacket. These bullets feature a flat meplat for straighter penetration and create more energy transfer than a simple round profile bullet.

Depending on the caliber, Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is loaded with Hornady DGS®, DGX®, SP or SP-RP bullets.
M.S.R.P From £4522.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreBullet WeightBullet Style
HORN-8508 DG SPF.375 H&H Mag 270gr SP-RP InterLock .375 H&H70grSP RP
HORN-82312 DG .375 H&H Mag 270gr SP-RP InterLock .375 H&H Mag270grSP-RP
HORN-82322 DG .375 H&H Mag 300gr DGS .375 H&H Mag 300grDGS
HORN-82332 DG .375 H&H Mag 300gr DGX .375 H&H Mag 300grDGX
HORN-8232 DG SPF .375 Ruger 300gr DGS .375 Ruger300grFMJ RN
HORN-8231 DG SPF .375 Ruger 270gr SP-RP InterLock .375 Ruger70grSP RP
HORN-8239 DG .404 Jeffery 400gr DGS .404 Jeffery400gr DGS
HORN-8238 DG .404 Jeffery 400gr DGX .404 Jeffery400gr DGX
HORN-8265 DG .416 Rigby 400gr DGS .416 Rigby400grFMJ RN
HORN-82663 DG .416 Rigby 400gr DGX .416 Rigby400grRN
HORN-82433 DG .450/400 Nitro Express 3" 400gr DGX .450-400 Nitro Exp 3"400grDGX
HORN-8242 DG .450/400 Nitro Express 3" 400gr DGS .45400grFMJ RN
HORN-8256 DG .450 Nitro Express 3-1/4" 480gr DGS .450 Nitro Exp 3-1/4" 480grDGS
HORN-8255 DG .450 Nitro Express 3-1/4" 480gr DGX .450 Nitro Exp 3-1/4"480grDGX
HORN-82613 DG .458 Lott 500gr DGX .458 Lott 500gr DGX
HORN-8262 DG .458 Lott 500gr DGS .458 Lott500grFMJ RN
HORN-85833 DG SPF .458 Win Mag 500gr DGX .458 Win Mag500grDGX
HORN-8585 DG SPF .458 Win Mag 500gr DGS .458 Win Mag500grFMJ
HORN-8264 DG .470 Nitro Express 500gr DGS .470 Nitro Exp500gr DGS
HORN-8263 DG .470 Nitro Express 500gr DGX .470 Nitro Exp500grDGX
HORN-8269 DG .500 Nitro Express 570gr DGS .500 Nitro Exp570gr DGS
HORN-8268 DG .500 Nitro Express 570gr DGX .500 Nitro Exp570gr DGX
HORN-82333 DG SPF .375 Ruger 300gr DGX 375 Ruger Superformance300grDGX
HORN-8234 DG .376 Steyr 225gr SP-RP InterLock 376 Steyr225grSP-RP
HORN-8237 DG .376 Steyr 270gr SP-RP InterLock 270270grSP-RP
HORN-82666 DG SPF .416 Ruger 400gr DGS 416 Ruger Superformance400grDGS
HORN-82665 DG SPF .416 Ruger 400gr DGX 416 Ruger Superformance400grDGX
HORN-82304 DG 9.3 X 74R 286gr SP-RP 9.3x74R86grSP RP
HORN-82303 DG 9.3 X 62 Mauser 286gr SP-RP 9.3 x 62286grSP-RP