Diana K98 Air Rifle

The Diana K98 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand – breathing new life into this classic replica of the Mauser K98.

The K98 is a spring powered, underlever air rifle. The rifle is cocked through an underlever, reducing barrel movment and increasing accuracy. The K98 also boasts Diana’s new T06 trigger system, and a stock crafted from solid wood, which is almost an exact replica of the original Mauser K98.

A swivel sling and open sights are fitted as standard, alongside a 9-11mm rail to allow additional optics to be fitted.

Product Details:

  • Spring powered underlever
  • T06 trigger system
  • Solid wood stock
  • Swivel sling and open sights 
  • 9-11mm rail

Reviews of the Diana K98: