Hornady® Traditional bullets are built with a rugged AMP® bullet jacket (Advanced Manufacturing Process) that clearly delivers better performance. The thin-plated full metal jacket offered by other manufacturers is easily distorted and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target.

The Hornady AMP bullet jacket features virtually zero tolerance for concentricity and near-zero wall thickness variation, punching through targets without deforming or breaking.

M.S.R.P From £171.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreBullet Weight
HORN-2267B 22/.224" 55gr BT FMJ w/Cann (6000) 22 Cal.55 gr.
HORN-2267 22/.224" 55gr BT FMJ w/Cann (100) 22 Cal.55gr
HORN-2510 Hunting 25/.257" 60gr FP w/Cann (100) 25 Cal.60 gr.
HORN-3015 Hunting 30/.308" 110gr RN (100) 30 Cal.110 gr.
HORN-3017 30/.308" 110gr FMJ (100) 30 Cal.110 gr.
HORN-3020 Hunting 30/.308" 130gr SP (100) 30 Cal.130gr
HORN-3037 30/.308" 150gr BT-FMJ w/Cann (100) 30 Cal.150 gr.
HORN-3037B 30/.308" 150gr BT-FMJ w/Cann (2100) 30 Cal.150gr
HORN-3100 30/.308" 86gr RN w/Cann (100) 30 Cal.86 gr.
HORN-2645 Hunting 6.5mm Cc/.268" 160gr RN w/Cann (100) 6.5mm160 gr.
HORN-3131 303/.3105" 174gr BT-FMJ w/Cann (100) 303 Cal.174 gr.
HORN-50105 50/.500" 500gr FP-XTP w/Cann (50) 50 Cal.500 gr.