Lock-N-Load Quick Change Hand Tool

The ergonomic Lock-N-Load® Quick Change Hand Tool features a dual-sided chuck that allows for the quick changeover of popular case preparation tools like chamfer, deburr, primer pocket reamers and cleaners, brushes or other tools with 8-32 threads.


  • Dual-sided chuck allows quick changeover from one tool to the next
  • Ergonomic design to reduce hand/finger fatigue during case preparation
  • Can be used with chamfer tools, primer pocket reamers and cleaners, brushes, or any tool with 8-32 threads

Includes: 3 dual-sided chucks; chamfer/deburr tools; large and small primer pocket cleaners; and neck brushes for the following calibres: 22 cal, 25 cal/6mm, 270 cal/7mm, 30 cal, 35 cal/9mm and 45 cal.

M.S.R.P From £78.00

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HORN-050097 L-N-L Quick Change Hand Tool