Butler Creek® Multi-Flex Flip-Open Scope Cover

The Butler Creek® Multi-Flex Flip-Open Scope Cover provides incredible lens protection, with additional flex in the collars to fit a wider range of scopes, and the added convenience of purchasing front and rear covers together.

Product Details:

  • Same basic features and design as standard flip-open series.
  • Tight, flexible collar provides custom fit for multiple scopes.
  • Purchase by the pair – eye and objective cover provided.


M.S.R.P From £12.00

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionColourModelScope Diameter
BUTL-20909 MF F-O Scope Cover 09-09A Eye 37.3-37.7mm BlackEyepiece37.3-37.7mm
BUTL-21314 MF F-O Scope Cover 13-14 Eye 39.9-40.8mm BlackEyepiece39.9-40.8mm
BUTL-31315 MF F-O Scope Cover 13-15 Obj 38.9-39.6mm BlackObjective Lens38.9-39.6mm
BUTL-32021 MF F-O Scope Cover 20-21 Obj 43.2-44.1mm BlackObjective Lens43.2-44.1mm
BUTL-32527 MF F-O Scope Cover 25-27 Obj 45.7-46.7mm BlackObjective Lens45.7-46.7mm
BUTL-32829 MF F-O Scope Cover 28-29 Obj 48.0-48.7mm BlackObjective Lens48-48.7mm
BUTL-33031 MF F-O Scope Cover 30-31 Obj 49.8-50.7mm BlackObjective Lens49.8-50.7mm
BUTL-33334 MF F-O Scope Cover 33-34 Obj 51.9-53.5mm BlackObjective Lens51.9-53.5mm
BUTL-33940 MF F-O Scope Cover 39-40 Obj 56.4-57.2mm BlackObjective Lens56.4-57.2mm
BUTL-34344 MF F-O Scope Cover 43-44 Obj 58.7-59.9mm BlackObjective Lens58.7-59.9mm
BUTL-34647 MF F-O Scope Cover 46-47 Obj 61.7-62.5mm BlackObjective Lens61.7-62.5mm