Twenty-five years ago, the orignal Spyderco Edura blazed a trail as the first lightweight clip-carry folder. Today it remains one of our most popular models and continues to set the standard for all other knives of its kind. Now in its 4th generation, it has also inspired a broad range or variations to meet virtually every user's needs and preferences. 

Endura 4 Lightweight are distingushed by their skeletonized stainless steel liners and injection-moulded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handles. They are available in a full spectrum of colours and a choice of blade grinds, edge configurations, and premium blade steels. Specialized versions of the Endura 4 Lightweight include one with an Emerson opening feature that automatically deplys the blade as the knife is drawn and a blunted, red handled Endura 4 trainer for practicing personal defense skills. 

The Endura 4 is also availble with a stainless steel handle that offers greather strength and heft, as well as an ideal canvas for engraving. Like all 4th generation Enduras, steel handled versions feature a four position clip, a high-strength back lock mechanism, completely ambidextrous carry and operation, and David Boye Dent in the lock for extra security.