Aimpoint® H34L

Belonging to the new Hunter series of sights, the Aimpoint® H34L sight is ideal for use on rifles with standard or magnum actions, and it suits any hunter who desires the classic lines of a full length sight. It can be mounted using any standard 34 mm rings.

This sight has a 34 mm tube diameter for an exceptional optical performance. Due to its length, we recommend this sight primarily for use on rifles with standard or magnum actions.


Product Details:

  • Ideal for use on rifles with standard or magnum actions.
  • Ultra modern European design features and distinctive visual lines.
  • Multi-coated 39 mm objective lens.
  • 50 000 hours of constant operation from a single CR-2032 battery.
  • 2 MOA dot.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • 12 position digital push button intensity adjustment.
  • Adjustment turret caps are the only tools required to zero the sight.
  • Incredibly fast and accurate.
  • Legendary Aimpoint toughness.


Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionObjective
AIMPOINT-12693 Aimpoint H34L ACET 34mm 2moa Black 39