Zoli Z Ambassador EL


Forged from a single piece of steel, and then CNC machined to precise tolerances, the Zoli Z Ambassador EL boasts a maximum strength frame, alongside its beautifully engineered features. A deeper than average bolt gives strength to the barrel lock up, while the independent trigger group has been carefully designed to keep the action as slim as possible – strengthening the wood and improving the hold.

Made from fine Turkish Walnut, the Z Ambassador EL is delicately hand chequered, and finished in hand-rubbed oil for a flawless finish. Exquisite deep scroll and classic game scenes adorn the fences, finished in a traditional French grey (gold inlays are available for game scenes upon request).

Presented in an elegant motor case, with stock and barrel socks, the Z Ambassador EL cuts an impressive appearance, trumped only by its performance in the field.

***All Zoli Firearms are sold with a 5 year Edgar Brothers warranty, as standard***

M.S.R.P From £10300.00

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionGaugeBarrel LengthModel
ZOLI-30312295SK Z-Ambassador EL Skeet Emsc 12/29.5" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge29.5"Skeet
ZOLI-30312295SP Z-Ambassador EL Sporting Emsc 12/29.5" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge29.5"Sporting
ZOLI-3031232SP Z-Ambassador EL Sporting Emsc 12/32" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge32"Sporting
ZOLI-303F1232SP Z-Ambassador EL Sporting Emsc 12/32" DTG SST EJ F/F 12 Gauge32" Sporting
ZOLI-3031224TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Emsc 12/24" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge24"Trap
ZOLI-303D1224TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Ems 12/24" DTG SST EJ F/IM 12 Gauge24"Trap
ZOLI-303D1226TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Ems 12/26" DTG SST EJ F/IM 12 Gauge26"Trap
ZOLI-3031226TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Emsc 12/26" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge26"Trap
ZOLI-3031228TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Emsc 12/28" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge28"Trap
ZOLI-303D1228TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Ems 12/28" DTG SST EJ F/IM 12 Gauge28"Trap
ZOLI-303D1230TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Ems 12/30" DTG SST EJ F/IM 12 Gauge30"Trap
ZOLI-3031230TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Emsc 12/30" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge30"Trap
ZOLI-3031232TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Emsc 12/32" DTG SST EJ MC 12 Gauge32"Trap
ZOLI-303D1232TR Z-Ambassador EL Trap Ems 12/32" DTG SST EJ F/IM 12 Gauge32"Trap