Diana Diablo Pellets

Match Diablo – A high-quality, smooth flat-head Diabolo for training and competition, machine-assorted.

Sport Diabolo – A ribbed flat head Diabolo, the classic for plinking, recreational shooting with your C02 pistol.

Point Diabolo – A medium-weight, precisely pointed bullet for plinking, recreational shooting and pest control, very well suited for lighter air rifles. The pellet produces flat trajectories and high penetrating power. It is also rippled.

Hollow Point Diabolo – A heavy, very precise hunting pellet with high penetration depth and controlled deformation. It features the best aerodynamic properties for maximum penetration power.

High Power Diabolo – A heavy and very precise bullet, especially suitable for strong air rifles. First-class aerodynamic design for high penetration power and depth.

Magnum Diabolo – A medium-weight, smooth pellet with excellent precision and a flat trajectory. Exceptional aerodynamic design for high penetration and depth.

Diabolo exact - Heavy, highly precise pellet, especially suitable for long distances.