15 July 2019

Hoppe’s launches new rifle cleaning product range: Hoppe’s Black

Hoppe’s, the renowned US manufacturer of gun care products, has launched a new line of cleaning products: Hoppe’s Black. Using a formula designed especially for high-performance firearms, Hoppe’s Black is the perfect cleaning range for intensively used rifles, preparing your firearm for any situation. 

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Edgar Brothers, the range is built to withstand the most extreme temperatures from -50°C to more than 200°C. Hoppe’s Black includes a step-by-step range which can be bought as single items or in a package. The first is Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner, which removes even the heaviest carbon fouling, ensuring a longer life for your firearm. The second is the Copper Cleaner which removes residue and helps to avoid copper deposit build-ups and is designed to remove the toughest residues. The third product is Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil, which allows users to apply a thin coat of lubricant to the mechanical parts on the rifle – protecting against corrosion and rust, and ensuring the firearm functions perfectly, even in the most extreme temperatures. The fourth step is to use the Black Range Gun Grease on friction areas, where metal parts contact other moving parts. Thanks to the same temperature rating as the precision oil, this will ensure top performance capabilities. The Hoppe’s Black Range comes with a lubricating cloth to add the finishing touches to the firearm cleaning. 

Easy to use, the Hoppe’s Black Range is the perfect cleaning range for any rifles, helping to ensure not only the best performance in the hardest conditions but also that the firearm lasts a lifetime.