Miscellaneous Targets

These new paper targets from Champion are designed to appeal to all ranges and experience levels of shooters and ensure a fun filled day at the range! Can you put 5 rounds in a dime? Show off your skills with the "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" target. Ever dream of what it would be like to live in the Jurassic period and hunt dinosaurs? Try out the new "Dinosaur Hunt" target with 10 different dinosaurs to shoot. Get ready for the county fair and show off your shooting skills at the duck shoot with the "Carnival Shoot" target. Are you afraid of a pending drone attack? Now you can be prepared with the "Drone Attack" target. Looking for a shooting game you can challenge your shooting partner with? Pick up the "Horse" target. Want to experience shooting scrap in a junkyard? The "Junkyard Plinker" target has everything from old tires to old TV's or refrigerators for your shooting pleasure. Think you're an expert marksman? Try the "Know Your Limits" target. Start by shooting at the largest silhouette moving to the smallest but be careful if you miss one of the silhouettes you lose all of your points.


Features & Benefits

  • Fun, Exciting, Full Colour Targets
  • Printed on 60-lb paper
  • 12 Targets per Package
M.S.R.P From £6.00

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct Description
CHAMPION-1003796 Target, Carnival Shoot 12 PK 11"X 14"
CHAMPION-1003797 Target, Dinosaur Hunt 12 PK 11"X 14"
CHAMPION-1003799 Target, Drone Attack 12 PK 11"X 14"
CHAMPION-1003801 Target, Horse 12 PK 8.5" X 11"
CHAMPION-1003802 Target, Junkyard Plinker 12 PK 11"X 14"
CHAMPION-1003803 Target, Know Your Limits 12 PK 8.5"X 11"
CHAMPION-1003804 Target, Put Your $ Where Your Mouth Is 12 PK 8.5"X 11"