AP Press Pistol Bullet Feeder

The Lock-N-Load Pistol Bullet Feeder is designed for the Lock-N-Load AP, but can be used with any other press using 7/8"-14 die threads, and requires an open station. Coupled with the Lock-N-Load Case Feeder (sold Separately) you'll relise dromatic increases in efficiency and reloading speed.

The easy feed bullet hopper holds up to 200 pistol bullets nd features an adjustable center plate and bullet feed wipers to ensure smooth feeding. 

*Pistol Bullet Feeder does not work with lead or plated bullets.

Avalible Bullet Feeder Dies Avalible (Sold Separately).

  • 380/9mm - HORN-095320
  • 38/357 Mag - HORN-095331
  • 40/10mm - HORN-095332
  • 44 Spl/Mag - HORN-095333
  • .451/.452 - HORN-095334

Product variations

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HORN-095320 L-N-L AP Bullet Feeder 110v 7/8" Thread