Hoppe's® Premium Universal Field Kit

The Hoppe's® Premium Universal Field Kit is a soft-sided version of Hoppe's popular Wooden Bench Rest Premium Gun Cleaning Kit. 

This full-sized cleaning kit has all the necessary equipment to keep your firearms in tip-top condition, with the added bonus of extra room for personal tools. 

The kit comprises of:

  • No. 9™ Solvent
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Assorted cleaning patches
  • Three-piece solid brass cleaning rod
  • Three slotted ends
  • Two adapters
  • Five popular phosphor bronze cleaning brushes (.22, .30, .38, 12 Ga & 20 Ga)
  • Silicone cleaning cloth
  • Phosphor bronze utility brush
  • Bore light
  • 12" x 36" gun cleaning mat
  • Hoppe’s “Guide to Gun Care” booklet