VisiColor™ High-Visibility Paper Targets

VisiColor™ high-visibility targets offer shooters an interactive, fun way to sight in and practice. Based on Champion’s proven VisiShot® technology, VisiColor provides multi-colored impact halos for easy identification of specific hit locations. The 5” Double-Bullseye and a Sight-In option give shooters even more down-range variety.

M.S.R.P From £10.00

Product variations

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CHAMPION-45823 Visicolor Deer Target 10/PK, Card
CHAMPION-45824 Visicolor 8" Bull Target 10/PK, Card
CHAMPION-45825 Visicolor Dartboard Target 10/PK, Card
CHAMPION-45826 Visicolor 5" Double Bull Target 10/PK, Card
CHAMPION-45827 Visicolor Sight-in Target 10/PK, Card