Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant

Turn your progressive press into a bench mounted ammo factory. This kit represents the ultimate reloading setup for maximum production in shorter sessions. 

The Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant inludes the following: 

  • Lock-N-Load AP Press
  • Lock-N-Load AP Pistol Bullet Feeder
  • Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder
  • Lock-N-Load Die Bushing 10 Pack 
  • Cartridge Bins (x3)
  • Large Primer Pickup Tubes
  • Small Primer Pickup Tubes
  • Primer Slide Spring (x2)
  • Pistol Metering Insert and Rotor
  • Rifle Metering Insert and Rotor
  • Powder Cop
  • Deluxe Die Wrench 
  • Case Activated Powder Drop 
  • Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
  • Vintage Tin Sign


Product variations

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HORN-095165 L-N-L Ammo Plant 220v