Delica 4 Lightweight Full-Flat Grind

Brighten up your everyday carry choices with a full spectrum of lightweight Delica featuring high performance full-flat ground blades. Available handle colors include blue, green, brown, purple, black, grey and orange. 

M.S.R.P From £99.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionLengthSteelEdgeColourWeight
SPY-C11FPBL Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Blue FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainBlue68g
SPY-C11FPBN Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Brown FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainBrown68g
SPY-C11FPGR Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Green FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainGreen68g
SPY-C11FPGY Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Grey FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainGrey68g
SPY-C11FPPR Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Purple FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainPurple68g
SPY-C11FPOR Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Orange FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainOrange68g
SPY-C11FPBK Delica 4 LWT P'Edge Blk FRN 2.9" 2-7/8"VG-10PlainBlack68g