Military-Grade Solvent Can

Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent is a completely safe and odourless solvent that helps removes all carbon, lead and barrel fouling, giving you a no residue true clean. This non-flammable military grade cleaner will never stain your wood, plastic or polymer components and is also safe on Cerakote and hydro-printing. Breakthrough Military Grade cleaner cleans quickly and efficiently while using less product than other gun cleaning solutions. Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has a flashpoint of 150° F.

Key features

  • Non-water based distilled petroleum solvent that has no carcinogens or hazardous waste materials
  • No odour, is non-staining, removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind
  • Truly pH neutral, which means its safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydro printing
  • Cleans efficiently, dramatically reducing the duration of cleaning and frequency between cleaning
  • Has a flashpoint of 150 F and is therefore considered non-flammable

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionProduct Size
BCT-BB-AIO-1GL Battle Born All-in-One (MIL-PRF-63460F - Type B) - 1gl Can 1 Gallon
BCT-BB-AIO-32OZ Battle Born All-in-One (MIL-PRF-63460F - Type B) - 32oz Can 32 oz
BCT-BB-AIO-5GL Battle Born All-in-One (MIL-PRF-63460F - Type B) - 5 Gallon Pail 5 Gallons