eXergy Bullets

S&B’s original solid copper hunting bullet designed for deep penetration and high weight retention on the toughest game animals.

M.S.R.P From £2707.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCalibreBullet Weight
S&B-212 7 X 64 Brenneke 158gr eXergy (20/200)
S&B-211 7 X 57R Mauser 158gr eXergy (20/200) 7 X 57R Mauser158gr
S&B-217 .300 Win Mag 180gr eXergy
S&B-210 7 X 57 Mauser 158gr eXergy (20/200) 7 X 57 Mauser158gr
S&B-214 7mm Rem Mag 158gr eXergy 7mm Rem 158gr
S&B-213 7 X 65R Brenneke 158gr eXergy (20/200)
S&B-216 .30-06 Sprg 180gr eXergy
S&B-215 .308 Win 180gr eXergy