Red/Green Dot Sight

Weaver® is proud to announce the Red/Green Dot Sight to the line up. This modern, rugged optical device is perfect when hunting deer and big game. For shooters involved in tactical shooting, the new dot sight is the perfect addition to any AR platform. Made for instant and accurate target acquisition, the Red/Green Dot Sight has five red and five green brightness settings to ensure accuracy in all light conditions. Sight comes with removable front sunshade and adjustable rear hood to ensure perfect performance in all weather conditions. Don't get stranded, the Red/Green Dot Sight comes with a spare battery compartment… just in case.

• Waterproof / shockproof / fog proof
• Rugged, durable 30mm tube, one-piece construction
• Perfect for deer and big game or hunting as well as shooting sports
• Five red, five green brightness settings for all light conditions
• Adjustments are 1 MOA and parallax is set for 50-yards
• Anti-reflective coating
• Select from four different aim-point styles: Micro dot, dot, circle and circle with dot
• Integral adjustable mounting system mounts to a Weaver® Base
• True 1X sight