Endura 4 Full-Flat Ground

Full-Flat ground Edura offer low friction edge geometry and a spectrum of handle colours to suit every taste, blue, green, brown, grey, purpule, orange and black. 

  • Closed Length: 4.98 inch (126mm)
  • Overall Length: 8.78 inch (223mm)
  • Blade Length: 3.80 inch (97mm) 
M.S.R.P From £107.99

Product variations

Get PriceProduct CodeProduct DescriptionEdgeLengthSteelWeightColour
SPY-C10FPBL Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Blue FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gBlue
SPY-C10FPBN Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Brown FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gBrown
SPY-C10FPGR Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Green FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gGreen
SPY-C10FPGY Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Grey FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gGrey
SPY-C10FPPR Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Purple FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gPurple
SPY-C10FPOR Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Orange FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gOrange
SPY-C10FPBK Endura 4 LWT P'Edge Blk FRN 3.8" Plain3-3/4"VG-1096gBlack